So, you’ve heard that people are using the Internet to make money have you? And you want a piece of the action, right? DON’T WE ALL. I have good news for you: This is the right place!

Out of the kindness of my heart I have decided to create the Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide FREE of charge to you, your friends, my friends, your enemies, and even your mother-in-law (if you’re married and she’s into this sort of stuff)!

The best part is that I won’t waste your time with useless information or overly complicated process. The only goal of this guide is to give you actionable steps to take advantage of the cyber-based money pot that the internet is.

Let’s do some quick math to make sure you understand what’s at stake here:

That’s some serious cash potential, right? I’m being so honest when I say that this guide will give you all the skills you need to leverage Facebook and sell AT LEAST 1 additional home, job, subscription, etc. every single month. We’re not talking about a couple grand here. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in new potential revenue, every year. That should get you excited! It does me!

One final thought before we get going. Maybe you read the previous paragraph and you thought, “I wish I could skip all the work associated with marketing and just get straight into more profit.” If the idea of decoding the  world of internet marketing seems overwhelming and unapproachable, you, my friend, are in luck! That’s exactly what our business does. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be!

If you want a scalable, predictable system that leverages Facebook (and several other platforms we don’t have time to go over), but don’t want all the blood, grit, sweat, and failure associated with it – then just click the button below and schedule a call with  us. We have options that everyone can take advantage of and results that will truly blow you away!

Pretty sure you want to give it a shot on your own? Awesome, keep reading!


Who is This Guide For?

That’s a great question. If the systems and strategies that I’m about to lay out worked for everyone, the world would be a happier place! Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. Here are the 3 rules that we use to determine if our guide can help you:

  • Does your business sell to the general public (B2C)? If so, perfect! If not, there is still hope for you but it’s not in this guide. Run back up    to that button above and schedule a call with us to get an exact strategy for how you can start building your own B2B Client-Acquisition systems!
  • Are you able to handle more growth? I’m not asking that in a sarcastic, smart-ass way either. If you literally don’t have the time or the employees to handle expansion and growth then this guide will only cause more stress and frustration as you watch the potential new customers you just generated fly away to your competitors due to lack of follow up or fulfillment. Make sure you can actually handle the new business this guide will create – because it works like CRAZY
  • (Optional but helps) Do you sell a subscription-based or high ticket service or product? Listen, you need to know that it’s okay to use this guide if you sell used DVD’s and profit $3 a pop. It’s baffling that you waited until DVD’s were obsolete to get into the game but maybe you know something I don’t! Regardless, I can assure you that if you close a sale and make 5k or 10k instead of $1 you’re not going to sweat the $100 - $1000 you spent on advertising to obtain that sale.

    Some of the businesses we work with who see great success are:

If your business can fit into any of those categories then congratulations! You’re about to make some serious money using the internet! Keep reading to learn EXACTLY HOW…

The Ground Rules

There are only two kinds of internet traffic: organic and paid.

One is not better than the other necessarily and one is not always more lucrative than the other. However, if I had to pick one I would pick paid traffic and here’s why. Once you have figured out WHO on the internet wants your stuff, WHERE on the internet to advertise to them and WHAT they will respond to, you have a scalable, hands-off formula for non-stop growth!

Not following? It’s like this: if you know who to target, where to target them, and what they will respond to, then you can run simple analytics to see what your Cost-per-Sale (CPS) is. If you know that for every $20 of advertising you spend, you will make $100 in sold product/service, then you know that if you spend $40 reaching the same type of people that you stand to make $200 and so on and so forth.

Once you understand paid traffic, you never have to worry about where your customers are coming from ever again. Simply scale your marketing budget as your business grows until you dominate the market and can buy that Lambo you always dreamed about!

This is the model that my company has perfected! We build digital systems that will produce scalable, consistent streams of people who are seeking out your product/service! If you’ve read enough to know that your business would BLOW UP with a system like that, then I’ll give you another shot to schedule a call with us.

Still reading? No problem partner! Even if you never speak to me, I’m still going to give away the money-making secrets in this guide. Don’t be fooled though! Just because I’m doling out the secrets, doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in some effort on your end. I’ll include some proven strategies that will allow you to generate BOTH organic and paid traffic. Voila! Something for everyone! Just remember that I told you it would be hard work. 👷‍

DIY Internet Marketing System

What strategies are we going over?

There are literally thousands of ways to generate new business online. That being said, because it’s my article, I’m going to pick my 2 favorites! How did I determine what were my favorite? I picked based off of 3 categories: cheap or free, easy to understand, scalable/repeatable. That’s it! Simple process with maximum results. I’m giving you all a slow-pitch softball!

Facebook Matters

You had to know I was going to talk about Facebook, right? Who ISN’T talking about Facebook right now? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already had 39 different 20-somethings guys send you an email or a direct message pitching Facebook Ads to you. Well, as much as I hate to say it, those guys are on to something. Whether they’re skilled marketers or not, their message about using Facebook to make your business money is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

Facebook holds the most captive audience on the planet at just under 2.5 billion people (and currently out-growing the world birth rate). If you’re not taking advantage of a couple different avenues of Facebook traffic, you are truly missing out!

So the question is: how do we make money for our businesses on Facebook?

Excellent question. Let me pull aside the curtain for you and get super practical.

Organic Facebook Traffic

There is an aspect of Facebook that is 100% free to use and is unbelievably powerful! I’m talking about Facebook Groups. There are groups for everything. Scratch that. There are multiple groups for everything on Facebook! If you like Converse Sneakers, there’s a group for that. Big on cinnamon flavored pastries? You can find a group of like-minded people.

Similarly, let’s say you are a personal injury attorney in Georgia, there are a myriad of legal-advice-seeking groups that are divided up by location. You simply search for them and then make sure you meet the requirements to join! Most of the time you have to answer a few questions and promise to never disagree with whoever moderates the group (I’m kidding but I’m also not…).

So maybe you know about groups and you’ve been in them for a while and you don’t have any new business to show for it. You probably think I’m yanking your chain with all this group stuff huh? Well let me ask you a question: what is your strategy for gaining business through the group?

Does it consist of joining a new group and then immediately posting about your services and asking for people’s business? Because that ain’t gonna fly. Facebook groups are SATURATED with people asking everyone to buy from them. You get drowned out with the noise and label yourself as one of “those people.”

But let’s be honest, you’re not one of “those people.” You’re probably genuinely the best attorney, realtor, dentist, lawyer, contractor, DJ, etc. around and you have an incredible amount of value to bring to people!

Here is a principle you need to remember for the rest of your life: people love to buy but they hate to be sold.

You can bet on that. People genuinely want to buy from you! But they don’t want you selling yourself like a desperate 8th grader looking for a last minute date to the dance. You have to play the long game and you have help people see your expertise in your field and THEN people will pay you real money for your services.

So here’s the cheap man’s money-making, cash-cow strategy:

  • Join a Facebook group that is filled with people who would be your potential customers and don’t try to sell anything (yet).
  • Instead, seek to become an active member of the group. Find popular posts that have lots of comments or “likes” and leave a thoughtful comment that demonstrates your knowledge on the subject.
  • Friend everyone you interact with at all in the group (you can friend people you don’t interact with as well).
  • Do this for several days or even weeks until you become a very visible figure in the group. As more and more people see that you ACTUALLY KNOW what you’re talking about, your influence will go up as well!
  • After building some influence, send a DM to a few of the people you have interacted with and begin a relationship. Ask open-ended questions. After a little back and forth, ask to schedule a time to hear more about their business – they will (most of the time) gladly accept!
  • When you talk to them on the phone, STILL NO SELLING. You’re there to learn about their business, not to bait and switch them!
  • If they ask about what you do or how your business operates, you are now in a perfect position to explain your business and make it as attractive as possible without actually having to sell them (they asked).
  • You can now steer the conversation towards the idea of doing business together.
  • The first few people you close through this method will take some time. But guess what? If you’re truly good at what you do, your new clients you gained from the group will start to advocate for your ability!
  • When you comment on a post, other people vouch for your knowledge or your experience. That’s incredibly powerful in a communal environment like a group! You’re not having to sell yourself at all, your clients are doing it for you!
  • Rinse and repeat this process in several groups and watch your business grow for FREE!

Pretty simple right? Super easy right? And the best part is that almost nobody is doing this in groups. Everyone is still desperately trying to drum up business through calls to action. A call to action is a wonderful thing in the correct setting. But in order to be successful in gaining new business in Facebook groups, you have to follow the rules of engagement.

People don’t join groups to be sold, they join groups for value and they’re happy to buy when value is evident. Don’t forget that!

Paid Facebook Traffic

The Infamous Facebook Ad. Done right and you’re promised riches untold! Done incorrectly and you’re promised endless frustration and wondering: are Facebook Ads just really hard? Have only a few people mastered them?

Nope. Facebook Ads are honestly not hard but they are pretty tricky! If you’re not naturally a good marketer, you can make Facebook Ads for months that never even sniff a lead.

It’s kind of like putting a football in my hands and then putting one in Tom Brady’s hands. I try to play football and I’m going to end up with tennis elbow and a crick in my neck. Tom Brady takes a football and he’s going to end up with $500 million.

The difference maker isn’t the football. The football is just the tool! The difference is in the individual’s ability to wield the tool effectively.


It’s the exact same with Facebook Ads! In the hands of a skilled marketer, they are high-converting and unmatched in effectiveness. In the hands of someone else, they are the easiest way to burn through a marketing budget with zero results.

My goal is to try to make sure you know how to properly handle Facebook Ads. Put your helmet on Tom Brady, it’s time for practice!

Understanding Facebook Ads

At the time that I’m writing this article, Facebook’s algorithm has recently (within the last 8 months) undergone a serious update/change. While time would fail me to go into every detail about how Facebook’s algorithm works, there are a few key things you need to understand in order to use it to your advantage!

  • Facebook’s Algorithm prioritizes “quality content.” Here is what that means: If people spend time looking at or clicking on your ad, then Facebook gives your ad more visibility. If more people continue to engage with it, then Facebook keeps giving you priority. Why would Facebook do this? Because they only want to show their users the highest quality content (regardless of organic or paid). If people don’t engage with your ad soon after you launch, you can rest assured that it’s not going to convert at a high rate AND that ad will cost significantly more money to reach your audience.
  • Facebook loves it when your ads keep people on Facebook. That means if the goal of your ad is drive traffic to some kind of site not on Facebook (like your website or Shopify store or literally anything not Facebook) then Facebook is going to “punish” your ad and not give it the kind of reach it maybe deserves! That means you spend the same money for less results. And Facebook does that on purpose! Kind of petty, right? Petty or not, that’s just the way it is and we’ve got to work around that! You need to make ads that don’t require people to leave Facebook!
  • Lastly, your ads need an OFFER. People need some type of unforgettable, unbelievable, never-gonna-get-this-chance-again, “I want it, I want it” OFFER. But I thought that quality sells?! You don’t have to give people a deal of any kind! Hey listen, I’m the expert here okay? And I’m telling you that if you don’t have an IRRESISTIBLE offer in your ad then people are going to scroll straight by your “quality” socks or plumbing or massages and they’re going to buy from someone else who’s giving them a free blow-up baby shark with their order of 3 or more tubes of eyeliner. If you can’t make an offer that your ideal customer actually wants, you’re not going to find much success using Facebook Ads.

Think you can create engaging content that keeps people on Facebook and makes an irresistible offer to your ideal customer? Well then carry on old bean! I’m about to make you some money!

A little thrown off by me using the word “algorithm” a bunch and want to leave it up to the professionals? I understand, click on this obnoxiously large button and let’s schedule a call.

First Steps

Alright brave soul, let’s get into the good stuff. Now that you have a decent grip on how to make the most of your Facebook ads, let me tell you the exact way to build your ads so they convert!

Before we get into any of the actual ad building, you need to go to the backend, business manager of Facebook ( and log in to your personal Facebook account. Once you are in you need to click “Create Campaign.” Last I checked it was a large green button, it’s quite possible Facebook could have changed that in the last 20 minutes since I saw it but I’ll take a shot in the dark here.

Once you begin to create a campaign, you will be asked to choose an objective. Because this guide is all about generating leads on Facebook, you’re going to want to select the “Lead Generation” option. This option allows you to create a lead form directly on Facebook that gives you the ability to harvest all kinds of contact and personal info of willing patrons!


The first (and most scuffed) portion of a Facebook Ad is the targeting. How do you determine who to target for your new line of see-through kitchen aprons? Do you just type in your city and then refine it by targeting people who have “Martha Stewart” listed as an interest? Do you put in zip codes and limit it to people who have searched for “creole seasoning” in the last 30 days? I certainly hope not. Here is a fact: people who don’t see results from Facebook Ads tend to over-complicate and over-compensate on the targeting.

Here are the only questions you need to ask: what neighborhoods in my city have the type of people who want to buy my service/product? Essentially I’m asking: where do your ideal customer’s live in your city?

Are you a realtor targeting first time home buyers? Figure out where all the large apartment complexes are. Are you a remodeler hoping to sell new kitchens to people? Find older neighborhoods with money. You can literally Google all of this stuff to figure out exactly where your ideal customer is.

Now is the special part! Instead of listing a zip code or putting down a bunch of individual interests, all you have to do is drop a pin on the neighborhood you want to target. Reduce the radius of your pin to 1 or 2 miles and repeat that until you have an audience size of several thousand people (never more than 100k).

Targeting done. That’s it. Don’t worry about the interests or excluding certain things. Just drop pins where your ideal customer’s live and move on. Problem solved and you’re welcome!

Before we move on though, I need to say something: Facebook changes their targeting restrictions often. When they altered things 8 months ago, it put several people out of business! You have to be constantly willing to adapt to Facebook’s changes in order to have success with Facebook Ads. No one strategy is going to work forever and this one will lose its effectiveness soon enough.

When that day comes though I’ll just update this guide because I’ve got your back 😉


The next question that most people ask is: how much do I need to spend on a Facebook Ad? That’s a good question and I’ll answer it with logic. Don’t spend a lot of money on any ad that is unproven. If you’re not even certain your ad will convert, then why would you set a budget of $1000 a week? That’s more money than most college graduates start out making!

The people in my circle all agree that setting an initial budget of $20-$40/day is a good place to start.

Once your budget is set, you need to determine what your actual ad will look like and say! There are several stellar examples of effective copywriting I could give you but what really helps the masses are repeatable and transferable principles. I’m going to slide several of those your way in the next section so that each of you have some of the best secrets for effective copywriting!

Rules of Engagement

Here is the basic layout of a Facebook Ad with all the different terminology labeled:

This ad is going to be an example of the principles I lay out below. The reason this ad converts is because we followed the majority of these rules. Look through my ad and make sure you can see each principle clearly in how we constructed it! My only critical feedback to improve this ad is that we could have used an emoji or two to create some contrast.

But enough about my ad, here’s the secrets you can implement when you’re designing your very own Facebook Ads:

  • Unless you’re a gifted copy-writer, less is more.
  • Make your offer CRYSTAL CLEAR in your ad.
  • Your picture is the most important part of your ad. Find high-quality pictures that look like a real post that someone would make.
    • My favorite free resource is Completely free-to-use awesome photos!
  • Make use of emoji’s. They help space out your copy and they add life to your ad!
  • Put your offer in the headline. It’s the first thing people will read!
  • Use a simple program like Google Slides or PowerPoint to put banners on top of your photos.
  • The most effective Call to Action is “Learn More” just use it and don’t worry about the others.
  • MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE: After you build the initial version of your ad put it through the C.U.B. Method
  • Once the ad is finished, create a Lead Form and use reaffirming language in the form to help encourage your new lead to fill out their phone number, email, and name!
    • Side Note, if you ask for a bunch of weird info in the lead form like gender, location, age, etc. people will disappear on you faster than rabbis at a pork festival.
  • Finish your form and publish your new incredible ad!

That’s literally everything you need to start generating leads and making money with Facebook Ads. I’ve given it all away because I’m a man of the people! I want you to win and I want your business to succeed.

Now that I just solved the biggest mystery of Facebook ads in less than 7 minutes (or 15 minutes if you’re a slow reader), you have to ask yourself – “Are you feeling lucky? Well are you punk?”

Clint Eastwood wants you to roll the dice and start making a Facebook ad! Get out there and try your hand at it. Follow my principles and see if your ads don’t convert. Follow up those leads ferociously and then deliver awesome service like I know you do. Your business isn’t going to know what hit it!


Listen, I understand that some of you aren’t going to feel empowered by this guide. You’re going to feel overwhelmed and I want you to know that’s really okay. Some people need less elements of their business they run, not more! If you can resonate with what I just said, then get in touch with me and my team at Your Target Leads. We’ll roll out some solutions that can keep your pipeline full and your mind at ease for years to come! Less work for you AND more business! This guide is handing out wins all over the place!

All you beautiful people who took the time to read almost 4000 words from me are what this is all about. I genuinely want you and your businesses to win! I want your families to have the exact life you want to give them and I want you to experience freedom from the burden of always having to secure more business. I’m hopeful that some of you will turn a corner thanks to something as simple (and yet complicated) as utilizing Facebook in your business.